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5 tips for night moves

Now that the clocks have gone back marking the end of daylight savings time, the earlier darker nights make it all too tempting to skip a late workout rather than venture outside. Especially when the autumn weather brings with it cold, wet and windy days. It is hardly inviting to any slightly reluctant runner. The choice between staying in and relaxing with a cosy cuppa and a purring cat or leaving your warm house behind and running out into the unknown darkness can be an easy one to make. However, if you can get yourself out there you may be surprised by what you discover. Running in the dark can not only be an exhilarating experience but it is an easy way to revive a routine workout. But there are some simple things you can do when running at nighttime to help you stay safe.

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(Fallen) down but not out

What has always attracted me to running is that it is not cycling. Because cycling inevitably involves you falling off your bike at some point and that really hurts. Speaking as someone with much experience in this area, hitting the tarmac at speed, skidding into a tight bend and catching some ‘road rash’ or simply toppling over at a complete standstill is a much more painful experience when you are an adult. Of course, you don’t have worry about any of that when you go out for a run. You can completely relax as you jog along and enjoy your surroundings. Because unless you try to introduce a little parkour into your workout to mix things up, the act of running, itself, is a relatively safe endeavour. Or so I thought…until I fell over while out running not just once but twice within weeks of each other.

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