I am a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and have a MSc in Public Health Nutrition with Merit. During my degree, I concentrated on the growing problem of childhood obesity. My dissertation examined whether the provision that children under 5 years receive in the care of childminders in England, follows the current nutritional guidelines made by the Children’s Food Trust.

I work freelance and advise on how to achieve a healthy diet for active children and families. I carry out dietary assessments and nutritional analyses, create food composition diet sheets and resources and have expertise in cookery and recipe writing.

I have a particular focus on children who compete in sports and I run nutrition training sessions for children, coaches and parents on how to support young athletes through their diet. I have delivered several sessions for young athletes from Marshall Milton Keynes Athletics Club and have run nutrition workshops for their training camps abroad. I have also provided nutrition training for young people participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze level expedition.

Many years ago, I cooked as a profession whilst a student and I have also been involved in teaching cookery in schools, children’s centres and for the NHS. My recipes have been published in the media including The Guardian’s supplement, Cook, and featured in the 2012 Waitrose LOVE life calendar (July). I was also a National Finalist as a Keen Home Cook for the 2019 Teflon Diamond Standards Awards culinary competition.

Lastly, sports have always been a part of my life and I participated and competed in several throughout my childhood. As a parent, I still make time for exercise and still enjoy taking part in triathlons, cycling sportives and half-marathons, albeit, at a slower pace.

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Suzanne Anderegg

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