Throughout my career I have had extensive experience of working in outreach with children and families, mainly in disadvantaged areas in the UK. In 2005, I began to focus on working in health promotion and later, further refined this to the area of nutrition. I have since obtained an MSc in Public Health Nutrition with Merit in 2012 and qualified as an Associate Nutritionist. I became a Registered Nutritionist in 2017.

During my degree, I concentrated on the growing problem of obesity in children. My dissertation specifically focused on children under 5 years and I examined whether the provision that they receive in the care of childminders in England follows the current nutritional guidelines made by the Children’s Food Trust.

I am currently working as a Paediatric Dietetic Assistant for Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust as part of a multidisciplinary team of paediatric dietitians in the Hospital’s Nutrition and Dietetics Department.  My role involves helping to provide nutritional support across the paediatric service and includes the close monitoring of paediatric patients to ensure the best possible nutritional care. This work also involves the development of dietetic resources such as diet sheets, calculating patient’s nutritional requirements, recording statistics and working closely with the catering department.

Although many years ago I used to cook as a profession, it is still a hobby and I have been involved in teaching cookery in schools, children’s centres and for the NHS. In addition, several of my recipes have been published in the media including The Guardian’s supplement, Cook, and also featured in the 2012 Waitrose LOVE life calendar (July).

Lastly, sports have always been a part of my life and I participated and competed in several throughout my childhood. As a parent, I still make time for exercise and enjoy taking part in triathlons, cycling sportives and half-marathons, albeit, at a slower pace.

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Suzanne Anderegg

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