Just Add Water and you will get…instant nutrition and ready-made recipes for active families on the go

Vancouver_179 (3)As featured in ‘Women’s Running magazine The edit’, this blog is for busy families who want to make easy to prepare meals that are both healthy and really tasty, and for families with active children who want to know what they should be eating before, during and after playing sport.

I am a Registered Nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition UK, but I am also a keen cook and mother of 3 very sporty children. I have found that it can be a real challenge to feed, taxi and support them all playing sports at different times and places. Particularly the feeding…

Like many parents, I have often faced the question of what should I feed my children when they are starving hungry but will be playing a match or running a race in a couple of hours? Or knowing what foods should I really be giving them after a massive workout? And figuring out what can I make for dinner that is healthy but also quick and easy to prepare, when everyone (especially the cook!) is tired?

I have had many kitchen disasters and my family has eaten plenty of mistakes in trying to find out the answers to these questions but I have now amassed enough recipes to share. I thought the best way to do this might be to start a website and blog to help other parents who want some more healthy family recipes for everyday meals and snacks and some specific recipes to meet the nutritional needs of children before, during and after playing sports.  

DSC00283 (1)

Catch me if you can!

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Should’ve worn my wellies for this…

All of the recipes for meals and snacks are bursting with good nutrition and energy needed to grow healthy children and they are very adaptable to what is really in your cupboard. I believe that cooking should be hassle-free enough for you to also involve the little fingers in your family in the preparation.

The Fuel for Sport recipes provide the right nutrition at the right time, helping to keep energy levels up and aiding recovery. These recipes are simple and quick to make and so support the practical needs of parents who spend many hours taxiing their children to the pitches and sidelines.

All that is missing is a drink and you will be ready to go…so just add water. (OK, maybe not that much!)

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