Sporting links for all ages

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all sports-related activities going on in the UK but it should help anyone who wants to get more active. For an overview of most sports, the following Sport England website is very good

I have found the following links for information about these individual sports very helpful.


All the information you need to know about cycling sportives, races, routes, licences for women-only events (with the best goody bags!)


Some links for routes, events and fun runs for all ages


Everything you need to know from how to become involved with your local athletics club to how you can see world class events


Why not try a ‘tri’? They have the relaxed atmosphere of a ‘fun run’  and as they start in waves, you will always be competing with someone beside you, no matter how slow you think you are going.  There are many triathlons for children and adults on the same day so everyone can participate. Here are some quicklinks to find out more:


A great sport for boys and girls to build confidence, discipline and to have some muddy fun!

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