Mayday! I’m hungry!

May has got to be one of my favourite months of the year because we get two bank holidays on Mondays and one of my children was born in May. So that’s two long weekends and birthday cake! It has felt absolutely indulgent to sleep in and wear pyjamas for as long as common decency will allow and have a bit of a lazy morning before the demands of athletics fixtures, cycling training and homework/revision kicks in. However, there is one big problem with all this slothiness. When you finally shuffle down to the kitchen to make some breakfast you realise that you are absolutely starving.

Normally, we try to bake something for breakfast on the weekends like muffins or scones because like most people, the weekdays are a mad rush and the kitchen traffic is at its peak. There is always a clash of arms grabbing bananas, bowls and cutlery, collisions of legs and chairs, arguments over who finished the milk and didn’t put one in the fridge and usually one child staring into an open fridge, just thinking. Precisely because it is slightly manic, we really look forward to a longer, relaxed breakfast together on the weekends and will often bake something the night before so that we can sleep that extra time in the morning.

I don’t know what it is about long weekends but invariably we revert to holiday mode and forget to strategically bake something in advance, not to mention spending the last two days eating through all the ingredients that we need. This long weekend was no exception. Yes, we could have just made the usual weekday muesli or one of my children’s current favourites—toast with peanut butter and banana—but instead we rose to the challenge and made some quick drop scones with a limited amount of leftover ingredients despite our diminishing patience. The effort was definitely worth it as the scones were demolished with an intensity only seen in wildlife documentaries. Here is what we made: Apple raisin drop scones

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